Monday, July 23, 2012

Pandora, Stardock Objectdock, Large Number of Chrome Processes

I've been using Stardock's Objectdock for a while, because I'm now coding on a Windows 7 machine.  I also have a subscription to Pandora One ... at some point I saw about a bajillion chrome processes coming up in the dock and making it useless.

Turns out that it's because of Pandora One.  Chrome is my default browser and it seems like Pandora is using it and not closing the handle or something.  Who knows.  Problem solved by not using their standalone Adobe AIR application and going back to having one window open for listening.

UPDATE:  Apparently you have to start Pandora One BEFORE you start Chrome and the problem will not occur.  (Thanks to Pandora tech support for providing the workaround)

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