Sunday, November 29, 2009

Google Chrome Frame

Since my Web Worker shim relies on Google Gears plugin and the Google Chrome Frame plugin may make Gears obsolete (at least for this use case), I have temporarily suspended work on my html5 shims while I wait for that issue to shake out.

I may push harder for a non-Gears, native solution based on Statified JS. There is also a possibility to offer server-side worker implementations, which dovetails nicely with my recent research about the state of server-side JS.

People seem to be very excited about Node, but I prefer env.js and the Claypool JS framework from what I can see.

I think that server-side DOM emulation is the "BIG DEAL™" and that server-side JS should build on an existing server stack (which was one of the nicest points in Jaxer's favor when it was in active development).

Is anyone working on making any of the other server-side JS servers apache httpd modules? I haven't seen any indication that they are interested in this kind of integrated approach.


  1. What do you think about ?

  2. I've downloaded the NG version and looked at it. It is worth looking at further, but I didn't get the feel for the "skins" method of templating right off the bat.

    Have you used it much?